Who We Are

We're a group of developers located all around the world. So independent from the location of the headquarter we can act and react worldwide. Most of us have their roots at the legendary CommodoreC64™ and Commodore™ Amiga™. Both systems did not survive but the ideas behind them are still alife: highly efficient, fast and easy to use concepts and software designs, new ideas and unrivaled features.

After these funny years of "hacking" all of us became "serious" professional software developers meanhwile. Here we have seen many companies with poor software solutions, chaotically grown infrastructures and instable process control applications. Most of them missed a clear and easy to understandable architecture with defined data flows and fixed areas of responsibilities for the elements of the whole system. Finally that leaded to big troubles - in worst case after the whole thing was delivered to the customer. Resulting from that we're now working together (some of us are working together again) to create a groundbreaking new software with ideas and features nobody else offers.

And this software will contain not only our experience in how to write a good and stable software but also some of the concepts of these early, legendary computer systems. This software will use these concepts wherever they are not outdated - and very much of them are unbeaten until now.

So here the spirit of these good old days will come back to life, it will merge with todays technologies and operating systems to offer the best of all worlds to the end user. And best of all: this time it can't decline because its approach is strictly platform-independent: the same software will be available in a very similar way on many different operating systems. That means, the whole concept is secure and future-proof for end users too, what ever happens to a single vendor of a system, the software will stay available on all the other systems.

In The Press

Press publications about the OpenAPC Automation and Control Software System: